Shadow To Shift: The Shadow Werk Workshop

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Are you ready to explore the parts of yourself you've concealed (both negative and positive attributes) over the years so you may let go of any fear, guilt, or shame and start to feel: 

  • Abundant and magnetic 
  • Deeper connection to your soul / higher self
  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity 
  • Compassion and understanding for yourself and others 

I'd want to demonstrate how accepting your shadow illuminates its hidden light and creates a channel for receiving its many benefits. 

The less "beautiful" side of spiritual healing is shadow work, yet it's one of the most important steps in connecting with your higher self.

I feel compelled to share this work because I've witnessed firsthand the incredible healing that dealing with your shadow self can offer. 

In this workshop, I'll walk you through the process of shadow work, utilizing the tools that have and continue to help me evolve. 

This work takes time and effort; it's not a one-and-done transformational course; rather, it's a process I invite you to return to whenever you feel there are some murky areas that need to be uncovered and welcomed. 

This workshop is for the heart-centered badass chick who has had enough of being a victim of her life and is ready to transform from victim to empowered self-healer so she may stand tall.

In this workshop I will guide you through:

  • What shadow work is
  • Why it’s a key step in your healing journey
  • Meeting your shadow
  • Identifying and uncovering the shadow self
  • Integrating and owning your shadow
  • Reframing Core Beliefs
  • Letting Go and shifting energy
  • Accepting, forgiving and loving yourself

This workshop is for:

  • Anyone new to the concept of “shadow work”
  • Anyone new to the concept of "shadow work"
  • You're experiencing repeated triggers or old patterns and you're struggling to get to the bottom of it
  • Feeling any or all of these: needy, jealous, insecure, defensive, judgmental, confrontational or lack of confidence.